The devastation caused by Hurricane María in 2017 intensified the inequity and violence that profoundly affect the lives of women in Puerto Rico.

The feminist Puerto Rican leaders who created the Foundation understood the crucial need to drive feminist philanthropic investment in support of the collaborative and transformational efforts of non-governmental women’s organizations, many of which operate with limited resources.

The Puerto Rico Women’s Foundation was born from the awareness and determination of an alliance of feminist Puerto Rican women of the diaspora with others living in the Puerto Rico archipelago.

Women have proven time and again, to be instrumental in providing rapid, pertinent response in the defense and protection of the rights and well-being of families and communities. We support them in their mission.

Our principles


The Fundación de Mujeres en Puerto Rico (FMnPR), founded by women in the Diaspora and in Puerto Rico, promotes social justice and supports the economic security, safety, health, reproductive autonomy and general empowerment of women, girls and gender-fluid individuals in Puerto Rico.rsonas de género fluido.


We visualize an equitable Puerto Rico committed to social justice, where women, girls and gender fluid people are protagonists and can fully develop in freedom throughout their lives.



Feminist Philanthropy In Action

We operate on a horizontal model of social relationships, inspired by solidarity and grounded in trust building between donors and grant recipients.


Transformative Support

We contribute to social transformation by showing up and participating in actions led by feminist organizations advancing the holistic well-being of women and their communities.


Knowledge Sharing

We honor and promote women’s expertise, their voices and their ideas – including our own – and provide opportunities for knowledge exchanges within our network.


Spaces for Change

We make room for and center women leaders as protagonists in the fight for human rights and gender equality.


Intentional Partnership

We accompany and invest in the personal and professional development of the women we support so that they reach their full potential as agents of change

We focus our efforts on transforming the notions of power and privilege

Feminist Philanthropy

We support community activism

We support community activism