The Road to Justice: Paving a path towards gender equity

Community Report 2022-2023


Puerto Rico has faced severe challenges in recent years that have delayed our progress toward equity. Rebuilding and rethinking our future with a focus on gender and racial equity will require us to challenge traditional philanthropic practices and shift the narrative. This report highlights the importance of Feminist Funding in Puerto Rico and our conscious and intentional approach to grantmaking before, during and after socio-natural climate disasters.

Impact Report Fundación de Mujeres en Puerto Rico
Advancing the movement for gender and racial justice in Puerto Rico
Impact Report 2020-2022 

Since our launch, our efforts have fueled the expansion of women-centered entrepreneurial ventures; helped sustain safe shelter and guidance for hundreds of women and gender-fluid individuals fleeing violence; concretely increased access to care for hundreds of pregnant and parenting women; and made vital medical supplies and food available to communities in which natural disasters destroyed businesses and roads. The PRWF has also supported research, training and organizing efforts that are strengthening the cadre of women leaders working to promote gender-equitable policies, practices, and protections.

Perhaps most impressively, our work reveals the powerful ripple effects of a gender-justice approach. It is showing that supporting women not only benefits those women, but also the families that depend on them, the communities in which they live and work, and Puerto Rico as a whole.

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